Vojd – “The Outer Ocean”

Vojd – “The Outer Ocean” (High Roller Records) 

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Originally known as Black Trip, who were labelled as NWOBHM but to me, were more inspired by 70s hard rock especially along the lines of Thin Lizzy, Vojd goes the whole hog right back to 70s classic rock and comes across as an even more melodic version of Black Trip Lizzy ha ha! Still with Peter Stjärnvind (now on guitars) and Joseph Tholl on vocals (and now also bass), Vojd milks the twin guitars to the max with heaps of ultra catchy rock melodies oozing out’ve the 11 tracks on this power rock fantasy of an album. With Tholl still extolling soulfulness, the addition of plenty of power pop harmonies really brings the 70s groove in, but not in a trippy way – with the possible exception of the slow, blues harmonica piano ‘Dream Machine’ which is possibly inspired by Stjärnvind’s admiration of Roky Erickson, ZZ Top and Blue Öyster Cul. So despite its title, “The Outer Ocean” is, in fact, a very upbeat release thanks to the guitar driven rock on display here. Either way get ready for the opener ‘Breakout’ which does exactly that through its pumped groove culminating in an incredible chorus with harmonies all over the place while the twin guitars just spin you around – man, its like being crushed by an avalanche of flowers ha ha. With even more soaring melodies on ‘Delusions In The Sky’ and those unmistakable twin Lizzy guitars taking you higher and higher through their fret board bliss, ‘Secular Wire’ induces total hysteria with its heart stopping chorus. Although strangely named, Vojd certainly make their mark on this stupendous release complemented by a lovely warm sound to really bring out the richness in those 70s vibes. And if you still miss Black Trip then Stjärnvind and Tholl have given you one last ride on ‘Heavy Skies’! 

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