VOKODLOK “Oracle’s Fury”

“Oracle’s Fury”

Battle Helm Rating

This one I became aware of through a Facebook group I am a member of. As it caught my attention I wanted to further investigate what it was all about. Alas this review. Don’t feel too embarrassed if you are not familiar with this Romanian black metal band because they have been active in periods. There was a 10 year break between 2008 and 2018. Before that they managed to release a demo on CD, a split tape and an album. 2020 sees a new EP released. If you like your black metal raw and mid tempo then this is the band to turn your ears to. I have to say that the rest of this EP is just as good as the track I heard that got me interested. This is bloody good stuff. I have already stocked up on the releases that I missed prior to the hiatus in 2008. That is how good I think this is. Anders Ekdahl

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