VOLA ”Applause Of A Distant Crowd”

”Applause Of A Distant Crowd”

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Danish VOLA is a very Danish entity. Having grown up with Denmark just a ferry ride away the Danish way of life has had an impact on me. From Danish TV to Victor Borge to hygge to Mercyful Fate to you free spirited thinking. The Danes have always been the bohemians of the Nordic people. And that is something that VOLA keep alive. They don’t seem to bothered with limits and comapartments. They do what comes natural to them. Which means that they create chaos in the head of a Swede that want everything in its proper compartments. But that is also what makes this so beautiful. That they dare to mix different styles of music to make it their own. This new album has a very esoteric feel to it. It is hard to place it musically. Post rock does not say much but in this case it is the best tag available. There is a flow to this, like an endless wave that keep going from track to track. You put the album on and all of a sudden you are immersed in the universe that is “Applause from A Distant Crowd”. So much that you forget the world around you. Anders Ekdahl

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