(Temple Of Temporous)
I’m not one for image but I gotta admit that I like it when a band goes that extra mile on their photos. VFDU does that. This has all the makings of a suicide black metal album. There is a desperation to the whole thing that reeks of despair. As I don’t condone suicide I will not say that this is the kind of beat avant-garde metal that makes you want to take your life but you sure need to be in the right kind of mood to get this. This doesn’t follow any strict norms of A to B structure. If anything this kinda reminds me of John Zorn’s Naked City grind jazz core whatever band. You don’t get any traditional song structures and anything can go. Not the stuff that frequents my turntable too often but still cool to have heard it. The German lyrics add to the feeling of out-of-worldliness. The jury is still out on this one. Anders Ekdahl

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