VONNEGUT ”Incanceration”

i am not much for reading books anymore yet when I saw this band’s name I knew in the back of my head that the name was familiar. Kurt Vonnegut was an American author and artist. Don’t know why the hell I have his name in my head butt that’s the way it is, VONNEGUT the band is a Russian death metal duo from a place that I mostly connect with ice hockey, Chelyabinsk. I don’t know if we really can speak of a Russian death metal sound. This to me is old school in a US kinda way. The whole blast beat, chugga chugga guitar kinda way death metal used to be played in the 90s. But I gotta say that this worked for me. There is a charm to it that makes me just sit and listen fully concentrated. Two thumbs up. Anders Ekdahl

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