Voodoo Highway – “Broken Uncle’s Inn”

Voodoo Highway
“Broken Uncle’s Inn”
(Voodoo Highway/Rock N Growl)

With so many bands trying their hand at rejuvenating classic rock sounds, it doesn’t come as any surprise that Italy’s Voodoo Highway go the whole hog in amalgamating the legendary sounds of Deep Purple, Rainbow and Led Zeppelin, along with a hint of The Darkness in Federico De Marco’s falsetto vocals – hell, even bassist Craig Gruber (formerly of Elf, Rainbow, Sabbath and Gary Moore) reckons they’re the ‘..next Deep Purple..’! A tall order indeed, but the sound is there from the funky hammond organ to the authentic 70s rock sound fueled by hints of Eastern mystique Blackmore-esque guitar(s) on songs like ‘The Fire Will Burn Away’, ‘Heaven With No Stars’ and ‘Gasoline Woman’. It’s a fine reproduction indeed although there are no classics, but the raw talent is there, so who knows, this highway may indeed fulfill the hard rock trip to heaven!

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