(Dust On The Tracks)
These Italians are new to me. Yet it feels like I should have known of them before I got sent this album. But then again I don’t get sent too many albums in the style that VOODOO HIGHWAY plays, the bluesier hardrock. There used to be a time in the late 80s when I tried getting into this bluesy hardrock but I soon gave up and now all the band names from that era has gone into total blank mode. But then again I do love Molly Hatchet and that whole southern boogie thing. So this should appeal to me in some ways. And it does. There is a charm to the music that is hard to resist. I can see this doing wonders on a stage somewhere in Italy. This is the kind of party music that I could listen to all night long. I’m surprised that I like it as much as I do. Anders Ekdahl

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