Vore – “Gravehammer”

Vore – “Gravehammer” (AFM Records)

Ooooh yeahhhh, these dudes have been kicking ass at Milwaukee Metalfest since the mid 90s and musta toured with pretty much every band out there! Playing old school death metal straight outta the Obituary book, Vore concentrate less on speed or extreme brutality but cumulative crushing power as perfected by Tardy & co, melding heavy duty riffing with matching precision double bass drumwork. Considering Vore are a trio, they certainly put out a fair amount of power but most of all, being veterans, excel in the song writing dept with lethal effectiveness on toons like ‘Doomwhore’, ‘The Claw Is The Law’ and ‘Throne To The Wolves’. While “Gravehammer” isn’t gonna catapult Vore into the big league, I do feel that it sorta represents the culmination of all that they have accomplished over the years and in that respect is something they can feel proud of.

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