Vorna – “Ajastaika”

Vorna – “Ajastaika” (Inverse Records)

Named after a legendary Finnish hero, Vorna’s music is no less epic mixing pagan metal with strong folk melodies! Formed by childhood friends and guitarists Arttu Järvisalo and Henri Lammintausta, the band grew organically as more school friends joined and despite the intervention of military service, the dream of Vorna was hard to kill (rather like it’s namesake warrior)and several years on materializes this debut. Musically, it’s a similar affair with the blend of the two styles very naturally mixing Vesa Salovaara’s clean / harsh vocals (a mixture of growls and rasps) with powerful dark melodies and even more fluid keyboards that combine folk harmonies and atmospherics. With acoustics, accordions and a deep, crunching bass rounding off rich compositions like ‘Harhan liekki’, ‘Ikuiseen iltaan’ and ‘Lehväin varjoon’, these Finns possess epic power in bunches, steeped in heritage and cultural passion, the strength of which could have only come from the man mountain known as Vorna.

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