VORUM “Poisoned Void”

“Poisoned Void”
(Woodcut/Dark Descent)
Oh no, not another Finnish band. Will it never end? Joke aside I love the Finnish metal scene. There seem to be so many cool bands yet to discover. I’ve only read great things about VORUM. With that in mind it will be my pleasure to unwrap this to see what it really is all about. It is when I get sent albums like this that I’m reminded how much I dislike digital files. This album should be played on a proper sound system and not on some crappy media player in a computer. The bitterness apart this is death metal that is both old school and contemporary. Don’t know how “Finnish” it is though. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m a sucker for the Autopsy/Nihilist/Entombed kind of death metal that the 80s brought with it. Anything slightly resembling that stuff gets my blood pumping. This was just what the hype promised it would be. Anders Ekdahl

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