VOX LVCIFERI “Lacrimosa: Ira Dei”

“Lacrimosa: Ira Dei”

Battle Helm Rating

I remember the first time I met main man Nikita. He was doing a piece on Mörkaste Småland in 2016 with a friend of mine for a Swedish netzine while I was doing my thing for BATTLE HELM. We ended up going in a circle on a cold and ominous feeling industrial area of Hultsfred because he claimed to “have a superb sense of direction when I’m drunk”. I don’t think I’ve laughed as much as I did on that night that whole weekend of black metal. Later on he appeared with this musical project. I am a bit ashamed to say that I have missed out on the two releases that are in-between this new one and the one I reviewed back in the day. I wasn’t too impressed back then by what I heard but now I am older, but perhaps not that much wiser. Will I still feel the same way today? As I start to listen to this I find myself liking it much more than I thought I would based on my old review. There is an atmosphere to this that I like. A darkness, a melancholic feeling that grabs me by my inner core. In terms of movies, this makes me feel like an old classic b/w horror movie. Kinda like seeing Max Schreck floating towards you. He looks nice enough but he sure enough has a bite you’ll die by. That is how I feel when I listen to this one. I need to immediately go back and check the ones I’ve missed. Anders Ekdahl

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