Voz – “Shadows Of Death”

Voz – “Shadows Of Death” (www.vozmetal.com)

Blistering heavy metal along the lines of Priest, Primal Fear and Cage featuring the dark / melodic heavy guitarwork of Shane French (former Jon Oliva’s Pain, Circle II Circle, Teer, and Millenium), excellent precision double bass drumwork courtesy of John Teer and the high end wails of vocalist phenom Morrie Vozdecky! Voz sounds like a mix of Bruce Dickinson, Udo and Cage’s Sean Peck, while Shane’s guitar is a mixture of raw, brutal power riffs contrasted by his tastefully melodic solos, and Teer’s drumming, which features very prominently in the mix is what really drives songs like ‘Darkness Reigns’, ‘Buried from the Light’ and ‘Underworld’. With an excellent mix of technical musicianship and quality songwriting, Voz remind me a lot of fellow Floridian’s Charred Walls Of The Damned, and in that regard they can do no wrong in my book.

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