Vredehammer – “Vinteroffer”


Vredehammer – “Vinteroffer” (Indie Recordings)

Holy fuck – wild thrashing mayhem from these Norse Black Metal gods – no wonder their name translates as ‘wrath hammer’!!! Five years since their inception, after numerous EP releases comes their full length debut, and what a smasher it is too. Truthfully Vredehammer mix heavy metal into their blackness so don’t be expecting any cat screeching, monotone hate ridden dirge played at hyperspeed – well, there is certainly hyperspeed here on occasions but nothing can take away from the unbelievably nihilistic riffing that is shredding in the intensity of its sound. With Per Valla’s vocal drawls measuring up in their rawness and primordial emotion songs like ‘Cthulhu’, ‘Suicide Forest’ and ‘Summoned’ are some of the most extreme material to have been unleashed this year made all the more potent by the intelligent use of Norse melodies and technical elements. This album hits on every song – guaranteed no fillers! Besides the superior song arrangements it is the ultra sound production (f—kin LOUD – Ed) that has brought the darkness of this magnificent debut to it’s most heart rending conclusion, making this a compulsory purchase for anyone wanting to be shaken head to foot mentally and physically. Utterly devastating!

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