Vreid – “Welcome Farewell”

Vreid – “Welcome Farewell” (Indie Recordings)

Norwegian Black ‘n’ Roll! Well, I wouldn’t quite go so far in shaking my ass to this but I can see what Vreid are getting at: taking trademark black metal haunting vocals and evil blitzkrieg riffs and tempering them with more melody and less speed. In some people’s eyes that’s committing outright sacrilege but they have provided an intelligent straddling ground between black metal and metal in general. It’s a brave move if I might say so as I don’t see any harm in being able to actually understand the lyrics and take time to savor those powerful Scandinavian guitar melodies – that for the most part remain dark – of songs like ‘Way Of The Serpent’, ‘Black Waves’ and ‘The Devil’s Hand’. I would imagine this came from their predecessor band – Windir – that was folk metal but whatever the case I think they’ve done fantastic job and their appeal proves it having played 300 shows in 20 different countries across Europe, North America and even India, including summer festivals like Wacken and Summer Breeze, and toured with bands such as Enslaved, Pestilence, Marduk, Unleashed, Eluvetie, Belphegor, Einherjer & Kampfar to name but a few!

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