VULCANO “Live III – From Headbangers To Headbanger”

”Live III – From Headbangers To Headbanger”

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VULCANO is one of the classic Brazilian extreme metal bands. Having been around since the 80s in one form or another this is pure thrash metal royalty. I gotta admit that I have been bad at keeping track of everything that the band has done over the years but the band has always been in my metal heart in one way or another. This live album features 23 VULCANO tracks played by a band in form. I don’t like live albums but this one is an exception. This is pure fucking joy. This is a show I would have loved to have attended. If you are new to the band or if you are like me, old to the band, this is an album you just gotta have in your collection. Anders Ekdahl

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