VULTURE ”The Guillotine”

”The Guillotine”
(High Roller)

Battle Helm Rating

German VULTURE is a band that carries the tradition of thrash with full marks. If you were there when bands like Bay Area’s Vio-Lence and Defiance were active you’ll find enormous pleasure in this album. It got all the stuff that made the second wave of thrash so much cooler than the first one. This is like being transported back to a time gone. I hear all cool bands like Testament and Exodus when I listen to this. I even hear traces of Possessed in this. Sure, you can always question how original it is when all you hear are other bands but to my ears that is only positive. But I am not looking for the most original. I am looking for metal that moves me, that strikes a chord in me. And this does just that. Anders Ekdahl

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