Vultures Vengeance – “The Knightlore”

Vultures Vengeance – “The Knightlore” (Gates Of Hell Records)
Battle Helm Rating
At last, the glory and majesty of Vultures Vengeance is finally upon us! Long awaited over the course of 2 EPs has been this epic metal band’s debut, and worth the wait it certainly is. The brainchild of screamer / virtuoso guitarist Tony T. Steele since its formation in 2009, Vultures Vengeance follows in the footsteps of classic US metal bands like Manilla Road, Virgin Steele and Cirith Ungol, although possessed of the style and passion inherent in their Italian blood! Taking his time to recruit the perfect band, it’s definitely paid off in “The Knightlore”, an album bathed in epic heavy metal glory thanks to the dexterous, intricate guitar work, stratospheric passionate vocals and moving, knightly virtue. Truly, there is not one track here that doesn’t impress and that speaks bounds about Steele’s talent in just about every department, not to mention his unwavering belief in Vultures Vengeance! As the stirring riffs blend with power melodies on ‘Pathfinder’s Call’, the lead medieval melody is just amazing as Steele unleashes his siren vocals, reminiscent of David DeFeis’s screaming highs, taking the song and indeed atmosphere to ever uplifting levels such that you’re left with the belief that you’ve actually touched heaven, especially when those god like guitar solos hit! Although starting tenderly with hugely melodic guitars, ‘Eyes Of A Stranger’ soon gallops in thanks to Matt Serafini’s drums and the soulful intensity of Steele’s screams matching his equally high guitar unloading bountiful melodies as well as contrasting power riffs add a more than spectacular musical backdrop to make the overall experience nothing short of jaw dropping. Whipping up a whirlwind on ‘Dead Men And Blind Fates’, its nothing short of pure heavy metal heaven as the massive guitars chug, scream and wail along with Steele so much that you wonder which is actually higher – or in danger of inducing an emotional overload – such is the intensity, and even when that occasionally quietens down a tad, the deepness of the song remains unabated – wow, I mean, just wow! Without a shadow of a doubt aiming to become the true metal album of the year (and leaving little to doubt it), “The Knightlore” is a quest fulfilled by a metal pioneer in Tony T. Steele. Thanks for keeping the faith brother.
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