Waiting For Monday – “Waiting For Monday”

Waiting For Monday – “Waiting For Monday” (Frontiers Music)
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Take one Rudy Cardenas, Season 6 finalist of American Idol, as well as TV and movies ranging from “Family Guy” to “Real Steel”, not forgetting his work 2005 LA Music Award winners M-pact and featured vocalist on Mr Zsolt’s gold album and combine him with August Zadra, graduate of the Guitar Institute of Technology and best known for handling lead guitar (and vocals) in Dennis DeYoung’s solo band – and you’ve got one helluva package! Brought to attention of Frontiers by Jeff Scott Soto, Waiting For Monday takes the winning traits of classic rock bands like Journey, Styx and Foreigner and brings them into modernity not just with musical pedigree but hard hitting rock power and most of all, heart burning melodies that could frazzle a stadium. Honestly, the passion and emotion of Cardenas’s incredible voice is breathtaking enough, but when coupled with the brilliance of Zadra…well, we could be taking Gramm & Jones, Roth & Van Halen…yeah, you get the picture. Backing them with no less talent are Joe Travers (drums), Walter Ino (guitar and keyboards) and Eric Baines (bass) who together ensure you won’t be waiting for any monday after hearing the 12 astounding tracks here! Opening with ‘Until The Dawn’, the thick but warm riffs immediately turn your heard as the clean soul of Cardenas just as quickly melts your heart, together sending you into rocking heaven before even more deep melodies and tender harmonies go to work – just in time for the solos from Zadra and Ino to lay you flat out – and that’s just the first song! Beginning with gentle acoustics on ‘End Of A Dream’, the dramatic riffs coupled with subtle but equally alluring keyboards and not forgetting Cardenas’s astounding vocals actually make you think you’re hearing classic Journey with Steve Perry – nuff said I guess given the brilliant musicianship simply oozing emotion in every regard. Upping the rocking tempo on ‘Right In Front Of You’ there’s a huge 80s feel to this right down to Ino’s synths although nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming chorus as it uplifts your soul, all the while fed by even more melodies and harmonies. Getting harder on ‘Make It Better’ while superbly contrasted by the tender vocals, power harmonies, pumping synths and truly amazing guitar work of Zadra, you can be certain (once you’ve calmed down!) that thanks to the brilliance of this exciting band, the sun will shine – forever.
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