WALDTRAENE ”Heidnische Leidkunst”

”Heidnische Leidkunst”
(Pagan Media)

Battle Helm Rating

This is as far away from black metal you can get yet in spirit it has plenty in common. This is acoustic pagan folk music. Or something similar to that. If you have a hard time with no screaming growls and rampaging guitars with drums louder than a battlefield of canons you are well advised to stay the hell away from this. if you like me have a fondness for this kinda stuff that is more on the atmospheric side, you too will find this highly entertaining. It is nice to be able to sit by the camp fire and sing along to something that you can actually hear the vocals in, even though they are in German. This one is a keeper. I want to hear more of this sort of stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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