WALL OF THE EYELESS “Through Emptiness”

“Through Emptiness”
Wall Of The Eyeless came to me courtesy of the band. Out of nowhere their record dropped in on me. I like that a lot. It gives me the opportunity to check out bands that I might not have gotten in contact with other wise. So bands keep sending me your records. Who knows? You might end up being my new fave. I can’t help getting an early Stillborn feeling listening to this. Throw in a big dose of death metal and you get a pretty interesting concoction. The combo of doom and death makes me also think of bands like Morgoth (GER) and Slaughter (CAN). Bands that are nowhere close to each other in sound but to me display the same kind of integrity in choosing their own paths to walk. Wall Of The Eyeless might not walk their path alone just yet but from what I can hear on this demo they sure are on their way to finding a path un-trodden. Anders Ekdahl

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