Walls Of Jericho – “No One Can Save You From Yourself”


Walls Of Jericho – “No One Can Save You From Yourself” (Napalm Records)

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Detroit Rock City. It’s more than just a song and I’m sure that’s what Kiss meant when they wrote it. Some of the toughest and fiercest metal bands in the world come from this hard hitting city: Battlecross, The Black Dahlia Murder to name a few – and without a shadow of a doubt: Walls Of Jericho. Baptized in the sweat and furor of numerous Motor City pits, this metalcore crew have clawed and mangled their way for close to 20 years, and are now an international band renowned for their fearsome live shows. Fronted no less by a lady, Candace Kucsulain has risen to the daunting challenge physically with punishing workouts, vocally and through sheer onstage presence that would leave many a front man withering. Going to see Walls Of Jericho is no less pressured as no one gets off the hook from Candace, like a stalking she wolf she prowls and races across the stage, whipping the crowd into a frenzy with her unbridled energy. Dare you stay still. Then there’s the muscles. Ripped and toned. All over that tattooed body. I’m not sure if she’s challenging dudes – especially when you consider her deep hoarse vocals that only just retain a hint of femininity – or just saying she’s just as tough as any of them. Whatever the case, the music is nothing short of a war. Built for moshing, built to go mental, call it what you like but its an all out assault: monster ugly riffs churned at speed like the circle pits they themselves invoke backed by a stomping hard ass rhythm ripping and tearing away at your body and soul on fighting songs like ‘Relentless’, ‘Fight The Good Fight’, and the reflective title track ‘No One Can Save You From Yourself‘. In fact, if you actually catch a breath you’ll soon realize that it’s all pretty thoughtful from the stylish arrangements to the catchy hooks and addictive beats that make this Detroit five piece such a success. Even more than that it’s the attitude, anything but negative and in fact, shouting it loud for self empowerment, defiance in the face of poverty and adversity, working class pride and all the lessons that life doesn’t necessarily hand you on a plate. Eight long years since their last release in “The American Dream” and Walls Of Jericho are meaner and more determined than ever to save your soul.

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