WANDERER “Bypassing The Abyss”

“Bypassing The Abyss”
Wanderer will hopefully be everything I like about this whole folk/pagan/heathen metal scene that is out there. I like that epic side of extreme metal. Bathory’s latter albums rotate continually on my stereo and I find them as entertaining as the first time I heard them. I really hope this album will leave me with the same kind of positive feeling. It did start with a really cool intro and then it burst into a black metal album. There is an epic feel to this album. Even though it can be hard to detect under the cacophony that this album isn’t just your ordinary black metal album it is there. You just have to look a bit harder. And while this has nothing to do with Bathory’s latter days there is that “The Return…” feel to this. I like it even though it came nowhere close to what I had expected. This is some pretty cool black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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