WAR ENGINE “Adrenaline Rush”

“Adrenaline Rush”
I love my thrash metal. Especially when it is done in the vein of bands like Forbidden or Vio-lence. The good old Bay Area sound. But I do not say no to thrash done the German way, or the Brazilian way. Basically I like any thrash that is good. When you start with a song called “Chemical Warfare” (my all time fave Slayer song) you got my attention. That you then also do a great job at not covering a Slayer track but make your own of the title just makes me respect you more. This is thrash metal in the classic Bay Area style. This is the stuff that I grew up with. Death Angel, Exodus, Forbidden, Holy Terror, Defiance and a whole host of others melded into one great pot. From that pot WAR ENGINE have taken the greates bits and made it into this album. Add some German thrash a la Deathrow or Darkness to the mix too and you get a darn cool thrash metal record. Anders Ekdahl

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