WARDANCE ”Heaven Is For Sale”

”Heaven Is For Sale”
(Dying Victims Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I seem to remember this one from when I was first released in 1990. Why I didn’t check it out back them is a mystery to me, like so many other things. But listening to this today I don’t know what I would have thought of it back then. This is speed/heavy metal in that classic German way of Angel Dust and Scanner and those kinda bands. Sitting here in 2018 and listening to an album that is 28 years old is a strange experience. Not because this sounds dated. More so that it is strange that something as old as this still sound as vibrant and “modern” today. Not much changes over the years really. And that is a good thing. This one is well deserved to be rereleased. A cool testament to a genre that never dies. Anders Ekdahl

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