Warfect – “Spectre Of Devastation”

Warfect – “Spectre Of Devastation” (Napalm Records)
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Do you remember it, that warm and wholesome sound that graced Metallica’s “Ride The Lightning” album back in 1984? Well, engineer / producer Flemming Rasmussen, who went onto work on other classics like “Masters Of Puppets” and “…And Justice For All”, for which he won a Grammy for his work on the legendary song ‘One’, is back to give his magical touch to this 4th album from Swedish thrashers Warfect! Straight from the Gothenborg underground, and making their name by supporting Vulcano and Nunslaughter on European tours as well as playing festivals like SWR Barroselas, Obscene Extreme, In Flammen, Under the Black Sun and Metal Magic, this power trio, who also drop in a blackened hint, clearly have more than a similarity to Metallica, such that if you were to imagine Ulrich & cogetting even more thrashier after “Kill ‘Em All”, then the 9 tracks on “Spectre Of Devastation” might be the result. Machine gunning in on ‘Pestilence’, the trio’s furore is almost blast beating, but undeniable are the massively catchy riffs that rocket out while being superbly contrasted by some serene melodies as guitarist / vocalist Fredrik Wester (ex-Incoma, ex-Lord Belial, ex-Mastema) adds a haunting Mille Petrozza tone to the speedy old school gallop of rebounding riffola. Double bass stampeding amok on ‘Hail Caesar’, Wester’s massive riffs and spiralling melodies hook you in effortlessly as do his acidic vocals while Kris Wallstrom’s (ex-Incoma, ex-Bestial Mockery) rumbling bass definitely brings the headbanging back end to the huge chorus outs as drummer Manne Flood (Bell, Zombiekrig) goes cymbal wild! Revving it up again on ‘Colossal Terror’, Wester’s jumping riffs are utterly irresistible as is vocalpossession, while his drawn out solo alternatingskillfully between speed metal madness and warbling melody propells the trio into alternating tempos of hugely catchy headbanging pieces that definitely makes this song a highlight of the album. It’s all in no small part due to the bottom heavy sound yet resplendent with the clarity of every instrument thanks to Rasmussen. Metallica may not do it like this anymore, but Warfect definitely bring back the memories through Rasmussen, who hasn’t lost his award winning skills on “Spectre Of Devastation” – and no, this time the bass hasn’t been turned down either ha ha!
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