WARFIELD DEATH “Sucombindo Ao Medo”

“Sucombindo Ao Medo”
(Sepulchral Silence)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not the greatest of fans of present day Sepultura. I think that they have become a rather lukewarm copy of themselves but give me old Sepultura and I’ll go through the roof in pure joy. WARFIELD DEATH is a strange beast in that I hear traces of “Roots” Sepultura mixed with death metal. A strange combo in my ears. But somehow it works. Because I sit here listening to this album and I find myself enjoying what I hear. There is a flow to this that is hard to resist. I have three stages of Sepultura admiration; love, like, dislike. WARFIELD DEATH touches on the like part mixed with their own take on metal. A combination that works really well to my ears. Anders Ekdahl

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