Warrant – “Louder Harder Faster”

Warrant – “Louder Harder Faster” (Frontiers Music)

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Forever immortalized for their 90s ‘Cherry Pie’ MTV video (which continues to get millions of plays to this very day), Warrant have certainly had their ups and downs, especially involving their infamous vocalist Jani Lane, who sadly passed away in 2011. Nevertheless, with a continuing line up still featuring original members Erik Turner, Jerry Dixon, Joey Allen, Steven Sweet and since 2008, singer Robert Mason (Lynch Mob, Cry of Love), the band has returned to its classic form as exemplified by this stupendous album taking me right back to those late 80s / early 90s days when the band were shaking stadiums and a few asses along the way! By no means a ‘retro’ album, “Louder Harder Faster” takes all the authenticity of those golden Hollywood years when the band went on to release platinum albums but gives it a modernity that will no doubt appeal to longtime fans, but also a new generation craving kick ass hard American rock. The 11 tracks here resonate the essence of that time and most importantly for me, brought back a helluva lot of memories through their passion and atmosphere. From rockers to ballads to kick ass rock n roll, this album has it all oozing plenty of platinum style and class. While I’ll always miss Lane, Mason’s vocals are incredible and perfectly suited to the songs here to which he does a star performance and with the production handled by Foreigner and ex-Dokken bass player Jeff Pilson (Last In Line, Starship, Adler’s Appetite, etc), Warrant is sounding tighter and playing better than ever before! From the upbeat ‘New Rebellion’ with its absolutely bad ass rolled riffing, wild ass soloing and kicking rhythm, Mason’s laid back vocals build for the roaring chorus – certified for air punching en mass at stadiums while on ‘Music Man’ the acoustic cowpoke intro soon gives way to a monster swaggering groove where you can feel the heat from the street as you did on Sunset back in the 80s – oh yeah! Vividly bringing back memories of any long lost love is ‘U In My Life’, a tender piano ballad with Mason’s voice carrying the passion perfectly to an 80s style – simple enough yet composed to convey so powerfully the emotion inherent in the tones – swept along by some moving guitar towards the end and definitely bringing on the tears before the feelgood of ‘Faded’ radiating its warmth through its catchy groove is like the sunshine rays of dawn itself. Man, the band are simply having a ball here and so will you on an album that never lets you go from start to finish.

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