Warrior Soul – “Cocaine And Other Good Stuff”

Warrior Soul – “Cocaine And Other Good Stuff” (Livewire/Cargo Records)
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Joining the anti-covid onslaught comes Warrior Soul with “Cocaine And Other Good Stuff”, an 11 track release of 70s covers featuring current and former members of the band recorded in LA, Chicago, Detroit, Spain and the UK! Already well known for their previous ripping covers of David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Joy Division, vocalist Kory Clarke was contacted by legendary rock photographer Alex Ruffini‘s brother, enquiring if Warrior Soul would record a cover of a Kiss song, which was Alex Ruffini‘s favourite band, for a tribute in aid of Cancer Research. Stepping into the studio to cover Kiss’s ‘Cold Gin‘, such was the momentum and vibe that Clarke and co decided to go the whole hog in laying down a full blown release. While long been acknowledged in the rock and heavy metal world for albums like “Drugs, God And The New Republic” and “Chill Pill”, the wider talents of Clarke (whose background in the late 80s goes into art and drumming for a Kim Fowley project called The Trial) may have been overlooked. However, on “Cocaine And Other Good Stuff” the range of bands covered – all impeccably well too I might add – is breathtaking from The Cars (‘Good Times Roll’) to Motörhead (‘Outlaw’) and KC And The Sunshine Band (‘Get Down Tonight’)! In energetic performances driven by pent up aggression from the members clearly as fed up as the rest of the planet, Warrior Soul swank it to the max on Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Cross Town Traffic’ with the heavy but funkastic guitars doing their thang in similar style to the original while the burned out vocals of Clarke adds his own New York touch to this classic psych out. Commending the outright hard rock energy of Van Halen’s ‘D.O.A’ along with plenty of flamboyant guitar acrobatics in a sterling tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen, Clarke’s wasted in space vocals match Dave Lee Roth’s laid back croons while the rhythm adds even more heaviness in salutation to the outright power of the original. Taking on Alice Cooper’s ‘Elected’, Clarke adds in the screamo to the original shock rocker’s singing, while the 70s melodies are enhanced and brought to the fore in Warrior Soul’s unashamed tribute to the brilliance of that decade in its undeniable contribution to the annals of rock. Ending in the 80s with Judas Priest’s ‘Living After Midnight’, the band rocks in the chugging heaviness while Clarke’s grizzled style (and hoarse scream) adds a brilliant alternative take to Halford’s polished highs as recorded on “British Steel”, thus keeping to theme of the aptly titled “Cocaine And Other Good Stuff”, cos that’s exactly what this anarchic album is all about!
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