Warrior Soul – “Rock’n’Roll Disease”

Warrior Soul – “Rock’n’Roll Disease” (Livewire / Cargo Records UK)
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Old rockers never die, and legendary Kory Clarke pretty much sums that up. Starting his band (on a bet) in 1987, it took only 9 months before he was signed to Geffen Records with a multi album deal! Despite an ever souring relationship with the label, who eventually dropped the band, Warrior Soul went on to release 5 albums and in 1995, play the Dynamo Open Air as well as Monsters of Rock festivals before Clarke decided to retire the band. However, in 2007, he revived it and despite a string of line ups, has since recommenced recording and touring, which is just as well cos he still has the “Rock’n’Roll Disease”! Still working with the Arling brothers from Urge Overkill covering his rhythm and John Polachek (aka Full Throttle) on guitars since 2017’s “Back On The Lash”, Clarke has upped the ante while keeping it in the same vein on the 8 blazing tracks here – and man, he is on fire like it’s live in the studio!! Super charged on red blooded 80s hard rock n roll along with 70s punk trash, this album is an ode to decadence (of any kind!) with songs like ‘Up The Dose’ and ‘Off My Face’ unapologetic about excess and unrepentant in their hedonism. “Rock’n’Roll Disease” sticks the middle finger to everything that’s PC, right up its ass with Clarke’s raw screaming through his hangover hoarseness at the establishment preaching to the masses to stay clean. From the wailing rock n roll guitars on ‘After The Show’ the sobriety sucks vocals of ‘…you can find me at the bar, drinkin’ Canadian whiskey…yeah 86 me..just outta control..’ rhyme alongside the catchy trash melodies as the Arlings pound and smash you into the next round while ‘Going Mental’ does exactly that, electro shocking you AC/DC bar rock style, as Clarke leads the party chorus chant raucously although the crooning guitars and wildfire solo equally the show the more tender side of the band. Likewise, on the chugging ‘Melt Down’ the metallic riffola chimes brilliantly as it leads to the deep chorus made all the more dramatic through the Arling’s hard hitting rhythm as Clarke bears his soul, his at times shot vocals making the song even more heartfelt as you’re livin’ it through his life. We may keep losing rock stars, but nobody’s told Kory Clarke that yet….
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