WARSEID “Where Fate Lies Unbound”

“Where Fate Lies Unbound”
For the longest of times I wasn’t too impressed by the American black metal scene but little by little, band by band I’ve come round to seeing that there are some really great acts coming from the States. Nowadays there are more great American black metal bands than I have fingers to count them on. I’ve had to start using my toes too to count them all. Warseid are the latest USBM to come my way. And as with many American black metal bands they incorporate influences from other styles of music. I get a strong progressive Yes/Genesis feel when I listen to this. Mix that with a Cradle Of Filth feeling and sparkle it with Limbonic Art and you get a pretty diverse sound. On paper it might sound a bit schizo but in reality it works. I didn’t have too high hopes for this one but as it turned out this was a nice piece of black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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