Battle Helm Rating

The First time I saw this band’s name it made me think of an old B/W movie about a lady that overdoses on honey in order to stay beautiful but instead turns into a wasp (The Wasp Woman 1959). It has nothing to do with the band WASPTRESS. It is just the way my brain works. As this is a new band to me I have no idea what to expect musically. But once I started to play this album I realized that this is the kind of stuff I don’t get sent too often. This is heavy rock. Not hardrock, not heavy metal but something in between. I cannot remember when I heard an album like this the last time. But I have to say that I do find myself liking this. There is an edge to it that appeals to me. I have no bands to really compare this to since it is that scarce a style in my book but it does rock. Anders Ekdahl

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