WASTEFALL “Meridiem”

I know that I have no physical possibility of ever knowing all the bands in the world. And I’ve accepted that but every now and then along come an album that makes you think that you might have missed out on something great. Reading the press released for WASTEFALL’s new album I get a feeling that I should have been there from the start. 7 years after the last one they are back with a new album. I am a huge Dream Theater fan. Have been since day one really. I might not understand the technical skill that goes into playing the way they do but I can still enjoy the outcome to its fullest. I also blame Dream Theater for me digging deeper into the prog metal genre. But that is also the reason that I can enjoy WASTEFALL. This is heavy the way Evergrey are heavy. This is progressive the way Pallas were. I like how prog bands go from the somber to the expressive in just a few chords. It might be challenging to your mind to keep track of all the twists and turns but when it is as good as WASTEFALL I for one pay attention. Anders Ekdahl

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