WASTES “Into the Void of Human Vacuity”

“Into the Void of Human Vacuity ”

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I have to admit that I don’t know how to pronounce this bands name. If I do it in English it just sounds stupid and pointless. But if it is in any other language then it makes much more sense. But a band name is just a band name if the music isn’t worth anything. And WASTES are supposedly an extreme funeral doom band. One thing is for sure, you gotta have great patience if you listen to funeral doom because this is slow. If you don’t like people who drag their feet behind them you’ll hate this. But if you like to explore how slow you can play without it becoming unbearable then this might be for you. If I thought Esoteric were slow then this is even slower. But in all their feet dragging there is nuance. You just gotta be patient enough to let it evolve. This grew on me to the point where I almost banged my head in slow motion. Anders Ekdahl

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