WATERSHAPE “Perceptions”


Battle Helm Rating

To say that I know where the progressive bands are coming from is to stretch the truth very far. I have no bloody clue where the original progressive artists got their inspiration from, even though I can guess that some came from classical music. But even though I don’t understand its origin I still enjoy listening to it. Because it does take me on a mind journey that death or black metal, or even classic heavy metal doesn’t. it is a challenge to follow the ups and downs. WATERSHAPE are no exception to this rule. This twists and turns like a rollercoaster from hell. But that is the charm of it. You gotta hang on for dear life to be able to follow it. What I like about this is that I do actually have bands to hang WATERSHAPE’s music on. And that adds to the value of listening to this. A progressive album to keep. Anders Ekdahl

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