WAYLANDER “Kindred Spirits”

“Kindred Spirits”
I’ve been aware of the name Waylander for a long time now but for various reasons I’ve neglected to check them out in depth. Yet I suspect that this will be metal right up my alley. I kinda have high hopes that this will blow my socks into tomorrow. I feel like it is time for some really cool, epic folkish metal that will dust the cobweb of my furniture. Now that I hear the music I can’t for the life of me understand why I haven’t checked them out before. This is the kind of metal that I can stomp my feet to and headbang like a mad man to in my living room. If anybody were to compare this to Amon Amarth I’d say that they are… not totally of their marker. There is that same kinda groove going here. Great! Anders Ekdahl

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