We Came As Romans – “Tracing Back Roots”

We Came As Romans – “Tracing Back Roots” (Nuclear Blast Records)

‘….this is our song to rememberrrrr!!!’ – yeah, no kidding, as (dirty) vocalist David Stephens screams you know that Michigan’s kings of melodic electro-core are back with their all important 3rd album! Besides their chopping riffs and biting rhythms We Came As Romans also incorporate tender vocal harmonies, beautiful guitar melodies and Kyle Pavone’s dubstep and dance styles into an addictive mix that not only makes an immediate mark, but also never lets go of your heart! Compared to their previous releases, I’d say this album is probably their most melodic, but it’s also their most catchy and passionate listening to songs like ‘Fade Away’, ‘Never Let Me Go’ and ‘I Am Free’, with Stephens actually doing more singing than screaming. However, there’s no lacking in power and if anything, the songs reach out to you even more than before. We Came As Romans have come of age and delivered a superb release that they have wisely signed to Nuclear Blast, who clearly recognize an up and coming champion when they see one!

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