Weak – “Dark Desires”


Weak – “Dark Desires” (Woodhouse Records)

I don’t why these guys are called Weak cos they are anything but that. Yet another fast rising success story, these German dark / goth metallers have already supported Doro, Emil Bulls and this year played Leipzig’s Nocturnal Culture Night Festival on the strength of just a few EPs. Now comes the full blown measure of “Dark Desires” and the ten tracks here show what all the fuss is about. Weak takes old school goth rock and modernizes it into dark metal that see’s them comfortably straddling the bounds between the Sisters Of Mercy and The 69 Eyes. While standing for solid rock, they accurately take the stylish aspects of goth to create suave songs like ‘The Devil’s Rose’ and ‘Jede Nacht‘, even doing justice to their cover of Men Without Hats ‘The Safety Dance’. From Quim’s Deutsch baritone vocals to Alex’s cool and darkly romantic guitar melodies, Oli and Dieter bring up the solid rear on this very cool combination that also mixes in electronica and femme opera backing vocals on 11 tantalizing tracks of dark bliss. I can see many a young heart succumbing to this tasteful material that while being commercially appealing still manages to remain cutting edge so prepare to go weak at the knees for “Dark Desires”.

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