Wehrmacht – “Shark Attack”


Wehrmacht – “Shark Attack” re-issue (Dead Center Productions)

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Jaws with speed! Back in the mid 80s the crossover phenomena – mixing metal with hardcore punk – spawned a number of notable bands like SOD and DRI, along with a range of even more extreme upstarts in the form of Cryptic Slaughter, The Accused – and Wehrmacht. Perfectly placed in the punk capital of Portland, Wehrmacht soon became a name to be reckoned with and following the release of their debut “Shark Attack” in 1987, actually set the standard in musical extremity. Even to this day, the raw, chaotic sliding riffs and wailing crescendo make you wonder how many beers Marco ‘Sharko’ Zorich must’ve downed before plugging in as original vocalist Mez ‘Tito’ Matos matched (and occasionally out competed) him in vocal insanity. Don’t even think about the drumming but Brian Lehfeldt must have the apostate of hell that later black metal bands took their cue from – a blitzkrieging barrage would be an understatement! Folding in 1991, and thereby ensuring that “Shark Attack” would become a cult classic especially when label New Renaissance went bust, we now have the 500 limited edition hand numbered re-issue with special things like lyrics translated into Russian (!), old rare photos and liner notes from the band, although none of it really matters given the real attraction of the 14 songs like ‘Concrete Meat’, ‘Jabberjaw’ and ‘Barrage Of Skankers’. Reforming in 2009, sadly the joy has been replaced by bitterness as the rest of the band have since parted ways with Tito, but whatever their form in their future, the original Wehrmacht’s “Shark Attack” remains as true as it ever was.

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