WEIRD FATE “The Collapse Of All That Has Been”

“The Collapse Of All That Has Been”
(Cold Dimensions)
Weird Fate are black metal on the more esoteric side of the tracks. This is anything but fast, yet still not slow enough to be considered doom. There is a floating feel to the band’s black metal that brings it forth in a steady tempo. There is an almost soundtrack kinda vibe to the music. As if the band is trying to paint a picture with the music. If you like bands like An Autumn For Crippled Children, Lustre and Svarthi Loghin you might find this equally pleasing on the ears. I know that this is music that speaks to me on several different levels. This is headphone music. Who needs drugs when there are bands like this around. Just close your eyes and let Weird Fate take you on a journey into the nether regions of your psyche. When black metal is great it is really great. This is pretty close to perfection. Anders Ekdahl

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