(Archaic Sound)

Battle Helm Rating

This was originally released digitally in 2016, then rereleased on limited CDr the third album since 2009 by Quebecian WENDESS now gets a proper release on physical format. Canadian black metal and especially the one coming from the Quebec (Métal Noir Québécois) has a very distinct sound with a whole host of bands that have made themselves a name internationally. WENDESS are no exception. They seem to incorporate a whole host of different influences in the realm of black metal making it a very interesting listening. To my ears the base for the Quebec black metal is 90s Norwegian black metal. To that the bands have added their own distinct ingredients making it a sound of their own. In a way this is like nothing I have heard before. The mix of influences can at times be hard to get but once I had adjusted my ears this fell on good earth with me. A really cool album that deserves a proper release. Anders Ekdahl

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