What The Night Brings – “Bound By Apathy”

What The Night Brings – “Bound By Apathy” EP (www.facebook.com/Whatthenightbrings)

No doubt some malevolent, brooding beast – and then some! This is ferocious terror core from the wilds of Buckinghamshire taking the piston aggression of Machine Head or Sepultura and melding it with angst ridden Brit-core bands like Stamping Ground or Knuckledust. Not for the faint hearted, this is music of our down trodden times, reflecting people who are walking powder kegs waiting to kick off – well, at least these four thugs manage something more positive taking out their frustrations in songs like ‘Barren’, ‘Front Towards The Enemy’ and ‘The March That Makes A Man’. No apologies, no sell out, this is the darkness to end civilization by.

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