When Giants Collide – “No One Is Safe”

When Giants Collide – “No One Is Safe” EP (www.facebook/whengiantscollide)

Fookin ‘ell, it’s nice to know there’s something more upbeat than Plusnet in Yorkshire LOL! With a big sounding name, I’m sure glad they sound big too – straight outta the Pantera “Vulgar Display Of Power” schoolbook in fact, not withstanding Scott’s vocals, which are more reminiscent of Fear Factory’s Burton C Bell. In any case not a bad combination with those heaps of chugging Dimebag (RIP) riffs, Vinnie Paul precision double bass drumming and all in a cool aggro core groove on songs like ‘Defcon’, ‘Wasteland’ and the epicly titled ‘Balboa’ – and man, they fuckin hit like him too!

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