This band has a great looking digipak out that hopefully sounds as good as it looks. WHEN ICARUS FALLS isn’t anything like metalcore. Thank you for that. I don’t know how many more metalcore acts I can sit through This is much more like if Neurosis had gone all MY Dying Bride on us. This is ambient while not being anything like ambient. This is doom. Perhaps we’d call it ambient doom metal and get it over with. Perhaps this falls between the chairs at a Cult of Luna rehearsal or perhaps Isis want their original idea back but for whatever band that pops up in my head there is something very vibrant and exciting about WHEN ICARUS FALLS. I like the fact that this is so slow and heavy and that it is close to borderline chaotic. Perhaps not the kind of music you listen to while driving unless you want to stop every hundred yards to wipe the tears from your eyes. Anders Ekdahl

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