The tale of Icarus trying to reach the sun most of us know from Iron Maiden’s track. But if you really think about what the story tries to tell you realize that either you try to stick to your guns and become just another worker or you try to reach for your dreams no matter what the cost will be. The latter I feel applies in part to this lot. WHEN ICARUS FALLS don’t play it safe. They could have played metal that has been played a thousand times before but they’ve chosen to go where their artistic integrity takes them. It would be so easy to compare them to ISIS but that would be making it too easy for you. This is dreamy in a whole different school. You could call this alt or post metal but there is more of a doom metal feeling to this than anything else. A My Dying Bride gone more ambient. This is still metal to the core but don’t go expecting this to scale your pulse. Anders Ekdahl

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