(Czar Of Bullets)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band that I know of and have reviewed in the past. I liked their previous albums that were filled with metal in the Tool/Opeth/Isis (my references) school. But this time around I understand that they have steered their journey on a different route. And that can be either a journey I want to join or a journey that I have no interest in. But knowing me I will most likely never get of the WHEN ICARUS FALLS trip. And to be honest I hear not much difference in this new stuff. It still sounds like the band that I am used to. This is still introspective and meditative. The way I want it to be. If you want “brain dead full on metal” then you ought to look elsewhere. But if you like your Opeth and want a bit more metal then this could very well be your cup. I know it is mine. Anders Ekdahl

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