When Reasons Collapse – “Full Of Lies”

When Reasons Collapse – “Full Of Lies” (www.facebook.com/WhenReasonsCollapse)

Femme fatale mello deathcore from the gutters of Paris! Fast n furious rhythms laced with flowing melodies form the stage on which Cristina plies her astonishing vocals contrasting guttural with screamo that doesn’t sound a million miles from The Black Dahlia Murder or Dark Tranquility on songs like ‘Another End’, ‘Made Of Stone’ and ‘Walkers In The Dark’. “Full Of Lies” is certainly competently played if somewhat unoriginal although it’s clearly early days for this youthful band finding their feet. Still, as I can’t think of any other French groups like them especially with a front woman like Cristina, there’s plenty of reasons to give these lads (and ladette) a look in?

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