When We Were Wolves – “Heartless”


When We Were Wolves – “Heartless” EP (Imperial Music)

‘…this is all we know, this is all we know…’ Fresh onto the scene come When We Were Wolves, a Welsh band that tacitly mixes the harsh metalcore of say, Parkway Drive with the altogether more melodic likes of A Day To Remember. Already garnering press acclaim in the UK for their EP last year, they have issued another follow up in the form of “Heartless”. Mitch Bock’s muscle flexing vocals ably handle his hoarse shout outs while also showing tender, heartfelt moments in his singing and pop harmonies on songs like ‘Blind’ and ‘The Devil You Know’. The contrast is equally reflected in the stylishly mix of the twin guitars of Steve French and Rhod Evans that churn out aggro riffola, with hints of djent chord bending effortlessly tempo changing into ambient and at times In Flames like melodies. Josh Baker’s drums seem to be the only constant in that they hit hard all the time, whether slow or in blurring double bass mode! If you like your music hard, along with soft and not to mention everything in between then When We Were Wolves have what you have been waiting for.

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