Where The Skeletons Play – “Serotonin Blueprints”

Where The Skeletons Play – “Serotonin Blueprints” (www.facebook.com/WhereTheSkeletonsPlay)

Indie bedroom rock. Made up of Stitch (vox) n Bones (the rest), these two can’t even remember how they got their name but say Tool, Deftones and Nine Inch Nails had a large say in their sound. Employing a classic ambient vs intense approach Where The Skeletons Play use radio miked vocals and grunge like guitar to build up a dark ambience before turning up the heat using a multi layered approach of intense riffing, distorted bass and hard hitting drums. All throughout Bones continues his melancholic soloing which adds to the brooding mood of songs like ‘If We Just Pretend….’, ‘Perspex Queen’ and ‘Your Innocence Exists’ and in between they employ delicate piano and keys to add even more somberness to their sound which works a treat, not withstanding their obvious production limitations. Thoroughly recommended for a rainy autumn and definitely not for those into self harm!

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