Whiskey Ritual – “Blow With The Devil”


Whiskey Ritual – “Blow With The Devil” (Art Of Propaganda)

Satan, Drink, Whores, Dope. Formed by the dirty and violent alter egos of Dorian Bones (The Wraiths), Plague (Selvmord), A. (L.O.S.T.) and Asher (Forgotten Tomb), Whiskey Ritual are anything that their mild name suggests. Think Darkthrone, think Carpathian Forest, and you’ll only be halfway there in this utterly nihilistic quest toward debauchery. Whiskey Ritual are the full blown diabolical affair, from ultra raw monotone guitars mixing the most negative of punk with the most evil of black metal to Bones’s brutish, regurgitated vocals and Asher’s relentless, wild drumming. Originally a side-project for each member, the cult of Whiskey Ritual soon made it a full time band that has since released 2 full length albums, and played shows in Europe with bands like Aura Noir, Impaled Nazarene, Belphegor, and Master along with festivals like Sick Midsummer fest in Austria and Faust Extreme fest. The sheer wildness and apocalyptic atmosphere of songs like ‘Too Drunk For Love’ along with its football hooligan chant, the all out war of ‘Satanic Kommando’ and the utter self destruction of ‘Speed & Chicks’ say it all through their wasted, depraved titles matched by an intense, possessing sound making the catchiness of the material even more corrupting like on the Misfits meets Mayhem of ‘A.B.I.T.CH.’! Definitely for degenerates, but equally anyone appreciative of music played with reckless abandon, “Blow With The Devil” is without a doubt one of the most orgiastic albums of the year.

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