White Wizzard – “The Devil’s Cut”

White Wizzard – “The Devil’s Cut” (Earache Records)

White Wizzard was founder / bassist Jon Leon’s response to the ‘screamo’ LA metal scene in 2007 – a leap back to the halcyon days of traditional metal of Maiden, Priest and Dio. Yet, despite achieving relative success early on, Leon has endured more line up changes than the collective efforts of those bands mentioned! Currently joining him on this 3rd full length album are vocalist Joseph Michael and guitarists Jake Dreyer and Will Wallner but who knows how long they will last. Still, savour it cos right off I’d say there’s heaps of Maiden in there from the galloping riffs to the Bruce like vocals and even a twanging Steve ‘arris bass on songs like ‘Forging The Steel’ and ‘Kings Of The Highway’. If there was a difference then it’s in the soloing which has a very US sound compared to the likes of messrs Murray, Gers and ‘H’ as well as in the more drawn out melodic passages on songs like ‘Steal Your Mind’. Although probably seen as highly clichéd in Europe, I can definitely see White Wizzard’s appeal to traditionalists especially in the US hence their undoubted popularity.

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